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Through its four core areas of expertise - health, education, leadership, and psychology - Teachers College prepares educators, psychologists, policy makers and planners for the challenges they will face in their careers.
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Health Sciences and Human Development

Grounded in the understanding that individual learning potential can be enhanced by overcoming physical challenges, mental health, and emotional constraints, the health sciences and human development programs are designed to prepare professionals with the specialized knowledge and experience they need to fully identify and address barriers to complete well-being.

Programs focus on the educational and clinical applications of the scientific understanding obtained from distinct and overlapping fields that include movement, neuroscience, nutrition, and language. Students receive rigorous training focused on the educational and clinical applications of specialized knowledge in our renowned neuroscience and speech pathology labs, research centers, and clinics.

Graduates of these programs go on to a variety of roles in educational settings as speech- language pathologists, exercise physiologists, researchers, evaluation specialists, nutritionists, neuropsychologists, and occupational therapists.

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