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Through its four core areas of expertise - health, education, leadership, and psychology - Teachers College prepares educators, psychologists, policy makers and planners for the challenges they will face in their careers.
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International, Transcultural and Bilingual Education

Teachers College was the first graduate institution in the United States to develop a program in comparative and international studies in education. The international and transcultural programs at the College examine complex issues of social and political processes, cultural theory, transcultural identity, sociolinguistics, and bi-culturalism.

Renowned scholarly and professional resources, libraries, language centers, and learning institutes at both Teachers College and the greater Columbia University campus provide rich and varied intellectual support and a wide range of experience within real-world and laboratory contexts.

This broad-based, integrated design prepares graduates for positions in academic research, educational policy, evaluation, and multilingual and multicultural teaching, or as consultants for businesses, government agencies, and private or public educational institutions.

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