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Assessing the Assessments

Join us for a Conversation among Scholars and School Practitioners On:

“Assessing the Assessments.K-12 Measurements and Accountability in the 21st Century”

March 17 – April 14, 2014

At Education Week’s blog site:

Guest Bloggers :


  • Eva Baker
  • Henry Braun 
  • Laura Engel
  • Michael J. Feuer
  • Susan H. Fuhrman
  • Edmund W. Gordon
  • Neal Kingston
  • James W. Pellegrino
  • Iris Rotberg
  • Madhabi Chatterji (Blogger and Co-Facilitator)


  • Paul Ash
  • Jeff Charbonneau
  • Steve Ladd
  • Michael McGill
  • Theresa Rouse
  • Carla Santorno
  • Morton Sherman
  • Joshua Starr
  • James Harvey (Blogger and Co-Facilitator)

Blog Schedule and Contributor Affiliations (download pdf)

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