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Art And Art Education

Art & Art Education

In the Department of Arts & Humanities

Doctor of Education in College Teaching of Art

Degree Description

The program leading to the degree of Doctor of Education in College Teaching of Art, while emphasizing a broad artistic and scholarly base, requires students to focus more narrowly on one area of interest.

Designed primarily for students who teach, or who wish to teach, in a studio area or undertake administration at the university/college level, the course of study focuses on advanced understanding in the studio disciplines, adult learning, and the diversity of practices of the artist in today's society.

Students are expected to carry out individual research projects within their own artistic discipline; possibilities exist for internships in college teaching in an array of different settings.

Candidates for admission to this degree should have an MFA or equivalent with clear evidence of strong academic ability; an exceptionally strong portfolio with evidence of inclusion in juried exhibitions, and in their personal statements should show serious interest in university/college level teaching.

Required courses in Art Education (23 points minimum):

  • A&HA 4085     Historical foundations of art education (3 points)
  • A&HA 4088     Artistic development: Adolescence to adulthood (3 points)
  • A&HA 5063     Advanced studio (2-3 points)
  • A&HA 5081     Advanced curriculum design in art education (2 points)
  • A&HA 5082     Philosophies of art in education (2-3 points)
  • A&HA 5086     Art in visual culture (2 points)
  • A&HA 6002     Teaching and administration of art education in colleges (3 points)
  • A&HA 6482     Internship in the teaching of college and museum programs (3 points)
  • Three advanced studio courses (2-3 points each)

Required Dissertation Seminar Sequence in Art Education (8-10 points):

  • A&HA 7502     Dissertation Seminar I (2 points)
  • A&HA 6502     Doctoral Seminar (2 points)
  • A&HA 7502     Dissertation Seminar II (2 points)
  • A&HA 6510     Advanced seminar in art education research (2 points)
  • A&HA 8900     Dissertation Advisement (0 points) ongoing, as needed

Suggested courses in Art and Art Education (up to 39 points):

  • A&HA 6003     Critical perspectives and practices (2 points)
  • A&HA 4079     Exlporing cultural diversity: implications for art ed (2-3 points)
  • A&HA 4084     Digital foundation: creative technology (2-3 points)
  • A&HA 4087     Processes and structures in the visual arts (2-3 points)
  • A&HA 4089     New media, new forms (2-3 points)
  • A&HA 5120     Creative technology research seminar (3 points)
  • A&HA 5125     Inquiry-based art and design (2 points)
  • A&HA 6010     Writing for journal publication in the arts (3 points)

Required Research Methods courses (6-9 points minimum):

  • A&HA 5005     Visual arts research methods (2-3 points) (suggested)
  • A&H 5001       Research methods in arts education (3 points) (required)

Professional Development: Exhibition (3 points):

  • Independent study studio (3 points)
  • A&HA 6999     Exhibition Rating (0 points)

Presentation Requirement (0 points):

  • Exhibition
  • Publication
  • Conference Presentation

Required courses outside the Program (15 points minimum):

  • ORLD 4051    How adults learn (required)
  • Courses in social and cultural bias in teaching and learning, aesthetics and philosophical bases of teaching and learning, advancing knowledge, student development and counseling, and/or administration.*

*Must be outside of the Art Education program (no A&HA), and must each be taken for atleast 2 points

In addition, requirements for the dissertation for the EdDCT may be met by combining studio work and a written document. Candidates should be in touch with the Office of Doctoral Studies to be certain of complying with the latest procedures, deadlines, and documents.

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