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Teachers College, Columbia University
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Master of Arts (M.A., 32 points)

This program is designed for experienced teachers and those engaged in private school teaching. It requires a minimum of 32 points and a master’s integrative project. This degree program focuses on social studies teaching in middle and high schools and fulfills the requirements for New York State Professional Certification. Points should be distributed as follows:

Social Studies Core Courses (11 points):

  • A&HW 5031 Teacher education in social studies
  • A&HW 5232 Fieldwork: Social studies teacher education
  • A&HW 6530 Curriculum development, research, and supervision

 Students should choose ONE of the following courses:

  • A&HW 5030  Diversity and the social studies curriculum
  • A&HW 5035  History of the social studies since 1880
  • A&HW 5037  Advanced methods of teaching social studies
  • A&HW 5530  History of American social thought

 Social Studies Content Courses (12-15 points):

In consultation with an advisor, students should select courses to round out their knowledge of the subject matters taught in secondary schools. Courses taken at Teachers College include attention to both content and pedagogy. Courses can also be taken at Columbia University.

Professional Development Courses (6-9 points):

Three Teachers College courses (2-3 points each) outside the Social Studies Program, chosen with advisor approval.

Further Requirements:

Students must also complete a master’s integrative project, selected with advisor approval. 


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