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Current Students

Cross-Registration Information

Columbia Business School

Cross-Registration Procedures

All cross registration for the Columbia Business School is facilitated by the ARAD Administrative Coordinator (AC). Do not contact the Business School directly for cross-registration.

  • Current students apply for seats in Business School courses through an online application provided by the AC.  AC will email application information 1-2 months prior to the beginning of a semester.
  • Students will receive and automated confirmation from the Business School if they have been granted a seat in a requested course. 
  • The AC will reach out to all students with approved Business School classes with instructions on the registration process.  Please note that all registration must happen at TC through the MYTC Portal.


Please inform the AC immediately if dropping an assigned seat in a course or to retract an initial request.
All swaps in course or section assignments must be negotiated between students. The AC is not responsible for facilitating swaps among students. However, if swaps are made, please notify the AC as soon as possible.

Pass/Fail Form
Note: Be sure to get this form signed by the THIRD class (this includes any accounting pre-term classes) in order for TC to approve the request.

School of International and Public Affairs

Teachers College Instructions for Columbia Cross-Registration

Cross-Registration Instructions for Non-SIPA Students

Helpful Tips from ARAD Students on SIPA Cross-Registration

1. Be sure to read the cross-registration instructions for Non-SIPA students.

2. Use the Columbia Directory of Classes to figure out which courses you want.
3. Fill out the add/drop form with the course information.

4. Go to the first day of the class and ask permission from the teacher to cross-register. If the professor grants you permission have them sign your paper.
5. Go to ARAD Office and have somebody sign off on the advisor portion of the form.
6. Go to cross-registration day (date listed on SIPA’s academic calendar) on the 6th floor of SIPA. It is best to arrive approximately 2 hours before registration opens. Also, make sure to sign in so your place in line is confirmed.
7. Bring the signed add/drop form. It is recommended that you have some back-up options in case the class you request is full. You can, however, check the number of students registered in a class by clicking on the course/section in the directory of classes. 

8. Get the stamp of approval to cross-register.
9. Go to TC registrar and register for the course.

10. Double check you are registered and can log into Courseworks.

Undergraduate Courses for Graduate Credit

Credit for Advanced Undergraduate Courses: Information from TC Registrar

Undergraduate courses at the University are defined as those numbered below 4000. To register for any undergraduate course, you must complete and sign an approval form. Please return this form to the Registrar (324 Thorndike) or fax it to (212) 678-3005, and we will grant permission for you to register.

Students in degree programs may petition the Registrar to have an advanced undergraduate course offered at counted as graduate credit toward the degree. To be considered for graduate credit, the courses must be beyond the general introductory level, relevant to the student’s specialty, and must not be available on the graduate level within the University. In addition, a student must obtain a written statement from the instructor of the course clarifying the additional work required in order to differentiate between undergraduate and graduate participation in the course. For basic language courses, courses must be beyond the first two years. No more than 6 points in advanced undergraduate courses may be approved for graduate credit. The advisor’s written recommendation is also required and final approval is granted by the Registrar. Petition forms may be obtained in the Office of the Registrar or by clicking here.

Approval Form

Petition Form

Other Columbia University Schools

Teachers College Instructions for Columbia Cross-Registration

Columbia University Directory of Classes

Teachers College Special Approval Form