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Arts Administration
Teachers College, Columbia University
Teachers College Columbia University
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Thank you for your interest in the Program in Arts Administration at Teachers College Columbia University.

The M.A. in Arts Administration at Teachers College is rooted in the Arts and Humanities with a focus on the historical and educational pedagogy of the arts. It is connected closely across Columbia University with core courses in law, business, and finance, and encourages an understanding of the art community and culture in all facets. This combination allows our students a breadth of disciplines to effectively become leaders and managers in the art world in both profit and nonprofit sectors. 

As a vital part of preparing our students for careers, an internship is a requirement of the program.  Our students aim to fill roles in various art organizations that will expose and prepare them for their professional careers. Our students are highly sought after as interns, and have worked in organizations such as: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lincoln Center, the Museum of Modern Art, Christie’s, Sotheby’s, The Public Theater, among many other prestigious and community-oriented institutions.

Interns may not displace regular employees, per the Depart of Labor’s website. If possible, we encourage hosts to offer a stipend, and suggest travel reimbursement at minimum.

It is through your mentorship that our students become exposed to learning how a successful arts administrators function and contribute to their respective fields. If you are interested in hosting an intern at your organization, please email our internship coordinator at: Your information will be reviewed for subsequent distribution to current graduate students. 

Please be sure to include the following information in the body of your email or within the content of your attached job description: 

1. Name of Your Organization 

2. Name and contact information where application materials should be sent

3. Position/Internship title

4. Dates and term of the internship

5. Start and end dates if known

6. Relevant summary and background on your organization

7. Duties and responsibilities of the position (be as specific as possible)

8. Qualifications of the ideal candidate

9. Is this a paid internship or indicate if remuneration may include other tangible benefits (stipends, transportation etc..)

It is up to individual students to select an internship.  The Arts Administration Program does not place students in internships and due to this policy, occasionally, some postings do go unfulfilled.  It is important to note that spring and summer terms are usually the time periods which have the most students seeking internships.  Please feel free to resubmit each semester as your organization feels necessary. 

Thank you! We appreciate your interest in the Arts Administration program at Teachers College, Columbia University.


Praise from the Field

  • "We've been delighted with the caliber of interns from this program. [The student] was another fine example of the wonderful students that we have worked with."
         -VP for Corporate Responsibility, Chase Manhattan Bank

  • "[The student] was the best intern possible. I am and have been honored to participate in this program. My division gained greatly from her participation. I welcome any of your students to our program. The experience has been my pleasure.[The student] was a Dream Intern. I hired her after her internship was complete to do a special project for the Foundation."
         -Director of Artists Programs and Services, New York Foundation for the Arts

  • "[This student] was definitely one of best interns ever, both in terms of her own growth over the time she was here and the excellent work she did for us."
         -Artist Manager, IMG Artists, Inc.

  • "We hired her! [This student] was, and continues to be, an outstanding member of the Museum's Education Department. Her professionalism and enthusiasm serve her well."
         -Education Director, Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum