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Movement Science and Education
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Master of Education

The Ed.M. program provides for advanced study in the movement sciences and for individually designed study to meet the student’s professional needs and interests. The following program description concentrates on describing course requirements. It is important to recognize that these are only the more formal and identifiable features of the program. A minimum of 60 points of relevant graduate course- work is required for the degree, 30 points of which must be completed at Teachers College.  Transfer credit from another university is awarded at the discretion of the faculty advisor. A maximum of 30 points completed outside of Teachers College may be transferred. All coursework taken in fulfillment of the Ed.M. degree requirements may subsequently be applied towards more advanced degrees (Ed.D., Ph.D.). Students can focus on: (a) preparation as a “scholar of practice” who is able to translate research and theory into appropriate clinical or educational strategies; (b) preparation as a clinical instructor, clinical or educational supervisor, or applied investigator; or (c) preparation for study towards the doctoral degree.

Students are expected to make satisfactory progress toward the completion of degree require-ments. Program faculty will annually review each student’s progress. Please note that satisfactory performance is defined at a minimum as no incomplete grades, and no BBSR or BBS courses in which the grade earned is lower than B-. For Ed.M. students satisfactory progress in research/ special project work is also expected.

All Ed.M. students must complete a final, culminating project involving either: (a) an applied research study, which can focus on clinical or educational issues, or (b) a laboratory research study. Students intending to continue study towards the doctoral degree should arrange their Ed.M. program to include core courses required for doctoral specialization in Applied Physiology or in Motor Learning and Control.

For the Master of Education program, specific requirements for courses, or equivalents transferred from prior graduate study, include concentration-specific core course requirements for the M.A. degree, at least 6 points in research methods and statistics, substantive study in movement sciences (minimum 15 points), research seminars or tutorials (minimum 5 points), and elective courses, with at least two courses (minimum 4 points) outside of the BBS department. To meet the College  breadth requirement for graduation, students must have a total of three courses (for at least 6 or more total points) outside of the Movement Sciences Program. Students can meet the breadth requirement through electives or core course requirements, so long as the courses taken to meet those requirements fall outside the program.

Research training students will enroll in either research training in motor learning (BBSR 5504) or research seminar in applied physiology (BBSR 5595) for at least during their last year of study to immerse themselves in current research in their movement science concentration as well as receive advisement on their final project. Note that if all coursework is complete but the student has not completed the final project, students must continue to enroll for 1 point (above and beyond the 60 points) each semester until the project is complete.