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Movement Science and Education
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Degree Requirements > Masters of Education: Applied Physiology

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Masters of Education: Applied Physiology

Degree Description

The Masters of Education program provides for advanced study in the movement sciences and for individually designed study to meet the student’s professional needs and interests.  This program is particularly recommended for students planning on future professional or doctoral study and research careers and those planning to teach at the community college level.

In the Ed.M. program, students can focus on:

  • Preparation as a “scholar of practice”, able to translate research and theory into appropriate clinical or educational strategies;
  • Preparation as a clinical instructor, clinical or educational supervisor, or research assistant/associate
  • Preparation for study towards the doctoral degree (e.g., Ph.D., Ed.D., D.Ph. or M.D.)

Degree Requirements

The program requires 60 points of graduate study (see specific requirements below) and takes about 2 years of full-time study or 3-4 years of part-time study to complete. Students intending to continue study towards the doctoral degree should arrange their Ed.M. program to include core courses required for doctoral specialization.
  • Substantive study of applied physiology and movement sciences theory and research as embodied in lecture, tutorials, and special topics courses.
  • Development of clinical or educational skills in laboratory and fieldwork courses.
  • Research training to enable students to critically read and interpret original research and to carry out educational, clinical, or laboratory research.
  • Seminars to discuss movement sciences-related research, identification of research problems, and clinical/ educational applications.
  • Elective courses to meet specific student needs which may be taken throughout the College and University. Electives are taken with provision that the total program includes at least two Teachers College courses (for at least 6 points) outside of the movement sciences. These may include areas such as anatomy, biology, business, chemistry, computer science, health education, higher and adult education, neurosciences, nutrition, physiology, psychology and science education.  These courses may be taken pass/fail.
  • A comprehensive final project of about two semesters duration is required. This may involve:
    • A comprehensive scholarly review of research literature within a basic or applied area in applied exercise physiology.
    • A research study in an applied topical area of applied exercise physiology
    • A comprehensive educational project including the development of an assessment instrument/method for clinical or educational practice or a presentation for a continuing education, health promotion or physical activity program.