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HBS Colloquium: The Undivided Self: Psychophysical unity and its role in education and health with Theodore Dimon

  • Russel Hall Rm 305
  • 11/29/2012, 3:45 PM - 5:00 PM

Dr. Theodore Dimon is the founder and director of The Dimon Institute in New York City. The Institute is based on Dr. Dimon’s pioneering work in a new field: the study of the human mental and physical ‘operating system’ as a holistic entity and how it works in activity. Based on a multi-disciplinary approach that includes work in neuroscience, anatomy, evolution, physiology, psychology, philosophy and mindfulness, Dimon’s work provides a groundbreaking view of human functioning and behavior leading to new foundational principles applicable in the fields of health, education, and child development.

Dr. Dimon received both master’s and doctorate degrees in education from Harvard University and is an internationally renowned teacher of mind/body disciplines. He has written five books including Anatomy of the Moving Body, The Body in Motion, Your Body, Your Voice, The Elements of Skill, and The Undivided Self. He lectures internationally and is an adjunct professor in the Clinical Psychology Department at Columbia Teachers College where he teaches a course on mind/body unity and its applications in education and health. More information about Dr Dimon’s work and The Dimon Institute can be found on the website:


Sponsored by the Office of the Provost of Teachers College and Gottesman Libraries, this colloquium series seeks to bring together faculty and students from across Teachers College and other units of Columbia University whose research interests include the biological, behavioral, and social basis of healthy human development and health-related educational, behavioral, and social intervention. 

Individuals with disabilities are invited to request reasonable accommodations including, but not limited to sign language interpretation, Braille or large print materials, and a campus map of accessible features. Address these requests to the Office of Access and Services for Individuals with Disabilities at (212) 678-3689,, or Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services at  (212) 678-3853  V/TTY,  

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