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Mindful Monday, Mindful Everyday

Mindful Monday, Mindful Everyday
Time: 6-7:30 p.m.
Dates: Mondays
Location: 140 Horace Mann
*The additional half an hour will be for tea, snacks and dialogue! *
Facilitators: Home Nguyen and Sarah Sherman

Increasing workloads, tighter deadlines, fast­‐changing and complex relationships are the major challenges of today's working life! Without effective tools to deal with the daily pressures, we can succumb to mental and emotional imbalance, resulting in frustration, distraction and ill health.  It is possible to handle these challenges with clarity, effectiveness and a calm positive mental attitude. Cultivating mindful present awareness is a solution. Mindfulness meditation is a mind-­body practice that involves focusing your mind on the present, to become aware of your thoughts and actions without judgment. Research has shown that the practice of mindfulness can have many benefits, including enhancing clarity, concentration, mood, sleep, and immune function, in addition to reducing stress.

This series introduces participants to the basic theory and practices of mindfulness. It provides a community of support for participants to share insight and process the experience. A commitment to a daily personal practice is necessary to build longer‐term stability, resiliency and self­‐awareness.

  • Sarah Sherman
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