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Book Talk: The Practice of Professional Consulting, with Edward Verlander

On Monday, February 25th, TC alumna Dr. Edward G. Verlander, chairman of Verlander, Wang, & Co., will discuss his new book, The Practice of Professional Consulting: The Journey of the Trusted Consultant (Jossey Bass, 2012). A must-read for new and aspiring consultants, as well as instructors of training programs on consulting -- the "world's newest profession" --, Verlander's work shows how change is the essence of consulting and organizations must change to thrive. He examines processes, tools, skills, and best practices, as he offers a new model with assessments to show what is needed to become and flourish as a truly trusted consultant. Imparted are highly applicable lessons to all forms of consulting, from the global marketplace to schools and academia.

Write reviewers:

"In 1985 I started and led a consulting business for 15 years. I learned a lot but could have saved time, money, and avoided mistakes by having this unusually useful book by Verlander. His articulation and clarity regarding what to do when and how to do it is invaluable."
--W. Warner Burke, Edward Lee Thorndike Professor of Psychology & Education; Chair, Department of Organization & Leadership, Teachers College, Columbia University

"In times of change, organizations seek advice. In today's rapidly hanging environment, organizations increasingly seek the best expertise they can obtain. Verlander's timely new book helps consultants and companies alike to better understand the consulting business. In today's global economy, the risks are too high to attempt to implement the strategies needed for success without the right expertise."
--Nancy J. Adler, Professor, S. Bronfman Chair in Management, McGill University

"The Practice of Professioanl Consulting deftly balances strategic insight with pragmatic advice on successfully navigating the complexities of the consulting profession. Dr. Verlander offers compelling perspective on the dual importance of building credibility through business acumen and effective results, while building relationships through trust and integrity."
--Robert Arning, U.S. Vice Chair, Market Development, KPMG, LLP

"An easy-to-read, informative, and comprehensive book that provides excellent detailed information about consulting industry, processes, roles, competencies, and practices. The author draws on his vast experience as a consultant and educator to present a complete set of practicals reps, specific ideas, principles, tools, techniques, frameworks, and methods of consulting that tremendously benefit beginners and experienced consultants in the contemporary economic environment."
--Siamjack Shojai, Dean, School of Business, Central Connecticut State University

"Required reading for anon about to become a consultant, engage a consultant, or optimize value from their consultant. Verlander's experience as a businessperson, academic, and consultant provide a valuable backdrop and substantive advice in this engaging, relevant, and highly readable book."
--Vibha Jain Miller, Vice President, Human Resources, WETA

Edward Verlander is chairman of Verlander, Wang, & Co., LLC, an international management consulting firm that delivers services in strategy, organization change, and leadership development, and executive coaching. Clients are world-wide and embrace the Fortune 500, numerous European technology companies, and, most recently, the public and private education sectors in China. He also teaches MBA-level business consulting at Long Island University and has taught management at Columbia University and Hofstra University, as well as in the business schools at Jilin University and Nanjing University in China. At Teachers College Dr. Verlander studied under Drs. Victoria Marsick and Jack Meziro. He has an MA and Doctorate (Organizational Leadership), and a Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration from the University of Connecticut.

Introducing Edward Verlander is Dr. Victoria Marsick, Professor of Education and Co-Director of the J.M. Huber Institute for Learning in Organizations at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Persons interested in attending may rsvp by Thursday, February 21st.

Where: 306 Russell

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