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Live Music: Lei Lei & Ye Zhu (Chinese Traditional)

Lei began to learn Zheng (a zither with 18-23 or more strings and movable bridges) when she was 6 years old, and has always drawn inspiration from it. She often performs on stage and has attended numerous competitions. Lei was a member of a Chinese folk music group in her hometown called "Fangling". In 1999, her group was invited to perform a Chinese folk music show in South Korea, which received great reviews and success.

Ye has been learning instruments since pre-school, including electric keyboard, Zheng, and Hulusi (or cucurbit flute, is a free reed wind instrument from China). She has performed in regional music competition in her hometown Wuhan and won the third prize. During high school, Ye performed Hulusi in a nursing home for elderly people as a volunteer. Ye is interested in Chinese traditional music and tried to combine Hulusi with Zheng performance to produce more intriguing music.

Lei and Ye will be performing traditional Chinese music in celebration of the Chinese New Year (beginning February 10, 2013) -- the Year of the Snake


The Everett Cafe proudly sponsors 1-hour musical performances by musicians, solo through to quintets, from the Teachers College community. Whether eclectic blues, Latin jazz, traditional folk, or classical with a gypsy twist, there is variety and talent to be enjoyed as you sip your Starbucks; mingle with friends and colleagues; peruse bestsellers and news; or simply study. 

Anyone interested in participating in the Everett Cafe music program is welcome to contact or
online support for further details.
Individuals with disabilities are invited to request reasonable accommodations including, but not limited to sign language interpretation, Braille or large print materials, and a campus map of accessible features. Address these requests to the Office of Access and Services for Individuals with Disabilities at (212) 678-3689,, or Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services at (212) 678-3853 V/TTY.



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