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Neuroscience Lecture Series: The Google Effect & Beyond: Investigations into Cognition & Technology | Betsy Sparrow, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Columbia

Dr. Sparrow’s research interest in automatic processes has guided her research in social cognition in two directions (a) the impact of others on feelings of authorship for our actions, and (b) the impact of priming on behavior as well as strategies for overcoming that impact. She also looks at how having constant access to information online, through search engines like Google, may be impacting our memory and cognitive processing.


This event is part of the Neuroscience & Education program's Spring 2013 Neuroscience Lecture Series. Some of the most accomplished investigators in neuroscience from top universities in the NYC area will be presenting new developments in their leading-edge research on the frontiers of neuroscience.

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  • Anlys Olivera
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