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Spring 2013 Mathematics Colloquium - February 18th

  • 179 Grace Dodge Hall
  • 2/18/2013, 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

February 18, 2013

"Word Problems as a Window into the Nature of Mathematics Teaching"

Professor Daniel Chazan

University of Maryland

Abstract: Word problems, a long-standing tool in mathematics teaching, have been described as part of the “peculiar tribal culture of the American classroom” (Greer, 1997, p. 298). The Thought Experiments in Mathematics Teaching (ThEMaT project) is aimed at better understanding the rationality of teaching practice in US classrooms, including aspects of teaching that have frustrated reformers. We argue for the importance of understanding ways in which mathematics teaching is an interaction that takes place in a particular institutional context and that is shaped by the particular mathematics being studied and taught.

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