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Professor Charles Harrington Retirement Celebration

The Department of International and Transcultural Studies invites you to honor
Professor Charles Harrington
on the occasion of his retirement from Teachers College

Please join us for a symposium at which a panel of faculty, alumni and special guests will celebrate Professor Harrington's scholarly contributions to the fields of Anthropology and Education, Applied Anthropology, and Psychological Anthropology.

Opening Welcomes
·      Dr. Susan Fuhrman, President of Teachers College
·      Dr. Thomas James, Provost and Dean of Teachers College
·      Dr. Gita Steiner-Khamsi, Chair, Department of International & Transcultural Studies and Professor, Comparative & International Education
Keynote Presentation
·      Dr. Shirley Brice Heath, Margery Bailey Professor of English and Dramatic Literature and Professor of Linguistics, Emerita, Stanford University
Alumni and Student Presentations
·      Dr. Grace Chao
·      Brian O’Hare, Ph.D. candidate, Department of International and Transcultural Studies
·      Amina Tawasil, Ph.D. candidate, Department of International and Transcultural Studies
·      Dr. Leah Pope
Keynote Presentation
·      Dr. Edmund Gordon, Richard March Hoe Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Education, Teachers College
Reflections from Professor Harrington

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