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Teachers College ASTDNY SIG: SOMATICS: The Role of the Body in Leading and Learning

SOMATICS - The Role of the Body in Leading and Learning: A Mind/Body Approach to Leadership Development with Carmela Bennett, Ed.D. Leaders are being called upon to navigate increasingly complex, rapidly changing environments and climates. This workshop will present the basic theory of somatic learning and develop participants understanding of the ways somatic awareness can enhance leaders ability to lead in their professional and well as personal life. Participants will experience a series of somatic practices designed to elicit self-awareness leading to more effective leadership and learn simple exercises they can continue to practice in order to sustain the learning beyond the workshop. ASTDNY members attend for free. Non-Members may attend one SIG event for free, then must join the chapter to continue. Please click on this link for further details and to register:

  • Jody Barto
  • 6094126521
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