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C&T Colloquium: An Archaeology of Knowledge about Video Games, Learning & School, with Luke Forshaw

Video games have been viewed as a useful methodological component of curriculum and teaching for several years. Many educators and educational researchers are still struggling to locate the "function" of video games as an educative tool. Some discourses of games and learning position video games as behavioral training devices; useful for the "good" of encouraging and corralling socially desirably skills and behaviors. Others see games in a more constructivist light, as texts for shared exploration and meaning making.

Join Luke Forshaw, current doctoral student in the department of Curriculum and Teaching, in his exploration of these discursive fields and his attempt to as Maxine Greene states, "Move beyond the sense of the given, toward possibility--not predictability, but possibility", as he shares his dissertation work of generating self-reflexive narratives of children engaged in video game play. This talk is designed to both engage with the ideas described above, as well as provide an inside look into the thought processes involved in crafting a dissertation that draws on a number of post-structural theorists as a means to provoke new discursive possibilities.

Luke Forshaw has been a doctoral student in the department of Curriculum and Teaching starting in 2006, after completing his MA in C&T at Teachers College in 2005. In addition to his academic work, Luke is an active professional practitioner. He has previously taught third grade, served as a K-12 technology integration coach and coordinator, and elementary assistant principal. Currently, Luke serves as principal of Ox Ridge Elementary School in Darien, CT. In addition to his academic and professional work, Luke serves on the board of directors as board vice president and director of program development for an emerging non-profit organization serving the greater Newtown, CT area.

Persons interested in attending may rsvp by Friday, March 9th.

Where: 305 Russell


Initiated in the Fall 2012, the Curriculum and Teaching Colloquium Series serves as a privileged space for students to gain a broader awareness of curricular discussions with international and national scholars.

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