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The School-to-Prison Pipeline: The Effects of "Zero Tolerance" Policies: A Socratic Conversation, with Natalie Millman

        Schools and prisons, at first glance, may appear to have nothing to do with each other. However, "zero tolerance" policies instituted at schools around the country serve to funnel "dangerous" students into prisons. Excessive policing, unequal sentencing, and the expansion of prisons all play a role in this phenomenon.

        Please come share your thoughts, experiences, and reflections:

        • What knowledge do you have about this phenomenon from your own experience(s) or studies?

        • What do you think is more valuable - protecting law-abiding children or investing resources into rehabilitative services?

        • What would you like to see happen on a national, state, or local level concerning zero tolerance policies and excessive policing in schools?

        • What can we ourselves do to address the problem?

        Suggest optional reading: The School to Prison Pipeline: Structuring Legal Reform, by Catherine Kim, Daniel Losen, and Damon Hewitt, New York University Press, 2010.

        In Ron Gross' absence, this Socratic conversation will be conducted by Natalie Millman, MSW student at Columbia University School of Social Work. Natalie lives in Manhattan and works as an advocate for a variety of issues; her practice specialty is in health and disabilities with an interest in the aging population. Amongst other activities, Natalie teaches writing classes in Manhattan and has facilitated formal conversations for groups since May 2012.

        Where: Second Floor Salon

        Next session: Thursday, 3/28, Topic: America's Direction: What Values & Whose Interests Should Guide Our Choices?, with Ron Gross

        Inspired by Socrates' famous conversations with his friends in the marketplace of 5th century Athens, we engage in spirited discussions of ideas and issues. Socratic conversations range broadly and probe deeply into the basic challenges of life. They are informed by the latest literature for reference and follow up. While building a sense of community on campus, these meetings enliven the intellectual atmosphere and model dialogue and discussion as modes of inquiry.

        These highly-participatory conversations with fellow students are moderated by Ronald Gross, author of Socrates' Way and Co-chair of the University Seminar on Innovation in Education. They are part of a year long series of Socratic Conversations hosted by the Gottesman Libraries.
        Individuals with disabilities are invited to request reasonable accommodations including, but not limited to sign language interpretation, Braille or large print materials, and a campus map of accessible features. Address these requests to the Office of Access and Services for Individuals with Disabilities at (212) 678-3689,, or Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services at (212) 678-3853 V/TTY.

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