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Panel on Systems Support for Individuals with Disabilities

  • 136 Thompson
  • 4/8/2013, 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Panel on Systems Support for Individuals with Disabilities

 As part of the effort to enhance disabilities awareness on the Teachers College campus, the Barrier Removal Committee and the Committee for Community and Diversity are organizing several events. We are inviting the three researchers below to take part in a panel presentation and discussion on examples of systems support for people with disabilities.

April 8, 2013


136 Thompson


1.      Kathleen Friel, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Neurology and Neuroscience at the Weill Cornell Medical College, Director of the Clinical Laboratory for Early Brain Injury Recovery at the Burke-Cornell Medical Research Institute
•Research in how the brain structure and function change as children receive intensive hand rehabilitative training.

 2.      Claudio Ferre, Ph.D. candidate in Kinesiology – 2012-2013 Recipient of the Vice President’s Grant for Student Research in Diversity at Teachers College.
•Research in the feasibility of an intensive home-based bimanual training program for young children with hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy.

 3.      Georgia Manadraki, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Speech-Language Pathology, Director of Swallowing, Voice and Neuroimaging Laboratory at Teachers College.
•Research in swallowing physiology and disorders (dysphagia), enhancing diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.


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