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Towards a Poetics of Measurement: Responses to the Corporation of Education

Toward a Poetics of Measurement Friday, April 12th, from 4-8pm at Teachers College (ZB214) Hello everyone; please inscribe it into your appointment-registration devices: in observation of the 125th anniversary of Teachers College and the 9th issue of, Toward a Poetics of Measurement will feature presentations/discussions of subversive intelligibilities and/as creative responses to the corporatization of education. Some refreshments will be provided by Teachers and Students for a Public Voice; presentations will begin at 4:30 sharp. Our featured presentations will include: Gabe Turow, Fear is not for Man ~ the antinomy between anxiety and education; Patrick Scanlon, Interruptures ~ accidental curriculae & anti-assessment; Deneb Valereto, Fear and Loathing in Academicism ~ intellectual emetics and epistemological parasitism; Michael Kim, Hyperrealities ~ the postmodern education of the returning veteran; Paul McLean, If I could learn... ~ education in the era of the corporation. Looking forward to seeing you all there ;) Blake Seidenshaw

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