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Dennis Oppenheim: Exhibition and Learning Lab

Dennis Oppenheim: Exhibition and Learning Lab
July 9th - August 9th Macy Gallery
, Teachers College Columbia University


Dennis Oppenheim: A new pedagogy? July 9 – August 9

Opening event July 11 at 2pm.

We are pleased to announce that a selection of early film and video works, (1970-1974), collected under the title “Tooth and Nail”  by the American avant-garde artist Dennis Oppenheim will be on view at Teachers College Columbia University in Macy Gallery from July 9th –August 9th.

On July 11th at 2pm Amy Oppenheim, Director of Oppenheim Studio and performance artist Maja  Rajenovich will introduce the exhibit with a review of the “Proposed curriculum on contemporary art, Dennis Oppenheim and the art of survival”, presented at the Performa Festival NYC in 2011 and perform a reactivation of one project from Tooth and Nail.

The exhibition and learning lab extends the question originally posed at the Performa event: Can contemporary works of art be utilized as a catalyst for teaching and learning?

Developed under the umbrella of the Art Cognition Laboratory, the project brings graduate students together with a collective of experts from the fields of psychology, education, art, cognition science and behavioral studies in an activated exploration of Oppenheim’s video and film works.

Oppenheim was in the vanguard of artists using film and video as a means to examine themes relating to Body Art, Conceptual Art and Performance. Renowned as one of the seminal artists in the development and spread of these forms, his early work has become legendary for its aesthetic ideas, and negation of museum and gallery systems.

The Art Cognition Laboratory seeks to restore historical connections between art and science by putting the A(rt) into STEM [S(cience)T)echnology)E(ngineering)M(ath)] to make STEAM. We believe that sensory experience is inextricably intertwined with the complexity of thought and that sensory border crossing is deeply rooted in the origins and development of how we construct human experience. Recognizing this has huge significance for teaching and learning.

The project was developed in collaboration with Dr. Judith Burton, TC Professor of Art Education and Research and cognitive psychologist Dr. Barbara Tversky Department of Human Development.

Open Classroom T, TH 2-5pm.

Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 2-5 have been designed as open classroom sessions. To find out more about the project please visit To participate in an open classroom session please email Allison Faye at

Macy Gallery hours of operation: 11-5

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