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Bullying Prevention Month: Make It Orange & Make It End!

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, filled with anti-bullying awareness programs, and orange is the color to wear. In collaboration with the Center for Opportunities and Outcomes for People with Disabilities and Future Child Advocates of Teachers College, Columbia University, we present the following activities, concomitant with Pacer's National Bullying Prevention movement to Make It Orange and Make It End!:


* Research Workshop: Library Resources on Critical Social Problems, Tuesday, 10/1, 3-4pm


This workshop covers research resources on critical social problems, bullying among them. It will draw from the virtual guide, Library Research for Critical Social Problems and introduce additional websites and databases of relevance to bullying.


Where: 302 Russell


* Guest Talk: Bullying, with Natalie Millman, Wednesday, 10/2, 3-4pm


Join an advocacy conversation facilitated by Natalie Millman, MSW student at Columbia University School of Social Work to further your understanding of the those who are bullied and those who bully. It will include recommended strategies for addressing needs at different levels.


Where: Second Floor


* Resource Table: Be Bully Free, Wednesday, 10/9, 2-5pm


Talk to representatives, pick up Pacer's fact sheet on bullying, and sweeten the day with orange candy!


Where: Everett Cafe


* News Display: Bullying Prevention, Wednesday, 10/9


Drawn from major publications, stories will cover the varying forms of bullying - verbal, physical, psychological, cyber -- and inform readers of ways to end the problem. Be motivated to make a difference in your school, neighborhood, and community!


Where: Everett Cafe


* Curriculum Activity: Book Marking, Wednesday, 10/16, 2-5pm


Design and create your own book mark in support of bullying awareness and prevention. Baked goods in the color orange will be offered in appreciation. Come see the book display on bullying, featuring literature for children, as well as adults, and stay tuned for ongoing curriculum activities, including a creative book tree.


Where: Second Floor


* Music Event: Be Bully Free, Thursday, 10/24, 8-11pm


Enjoy music, food, and advocacy on behalf of child advocacy centers, including the newly created Future Child Advocates at Teachers College.


Where: Amsterdam Tapas & Restaurant Bar (120th Street & Amsterdam Ave.) 



Individuals with disabilities are invited to request reasonable accommodations including, but not limited to sign language interpretation, Braille or large print materials, and a campus map of accessible features. Address these requests to the Office of Access and Services for Individuals with Disabilities at (212) 678-3689,, or Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services at (212) 678-3853 V/TTY,



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