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"Doing and Undergoing" Exhibit Alumni Walking Tour

Join Lynda Hallmark, Program Director for the Social-Organizational Psychology Program, for a special tour of "Doing and Undergoing" -- a site-specific multi-media art exhibition at Teachers College celebrating its 125th anniversary.

The project has received substantial support from the Provost Investment Fund and consists of two modes of display: 1) A site specific art exhibition on 5 floors of Teachers College across various hall ways, staircases and the library. 2) A thirty-minutes interactive audio-video guide that will take viewers on an augmented, interactive walk to each site on display. Both elements together will establish the experience of "Doing and Undergoing." Light fare will be provided.

Date: Thursday, November 21, 2013

Time: 6:00 - 7:30 pm

Location: Teachers College

The artworks selected for the exhibition is organized around John Dewey's central theme of "Doing and Undergoing", where doing alone isn't sufficient, it is by undergoing that experiences are transformational. Connections between learning experience and art will be actuated with the spectators becoming active participants since they will be guided through the works through the video guide. The "tour" will reverberate the complex history of a college that once started out by bringing public education, health and mental care to the underserved such as immigrants, women, and children. Drawing from this, the exhibition is also intended at least in part to break down the conventional distinctions between different communities of experiencers since it directly pulls into is orbit the often-separate spheres of teachers, students, staff, facilities workers and community at large.

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Registration for this event has closed. Join us on the next tour on December 3rd

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