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February 29, 2012: Alumni Networking Night

  • Teachers College
  • 2/29/2012, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

February 29, 2012 - Alumni Networking Night
Join us for an opportunity to interact with both alumni and students during an evening of networking. Alumni will begin the evening interacting with fellow alumni and, after an hour devoted to  peer-to-peer networking, students will have the opportunity to join the conversation for the second hour.  Alumni representatives from across all TC departments will be available to share their experiences and tips. Time will be devoted for alumni peer-to-peer networking (6:30 P.M.-7:30 P.M), as well as student and alumni interaction (7:30 P.M-8:30 P.M.).

Hosted By: 
TC Career Services and Alumni Relations

The following alumni mentors will be present:

Hala Aboulhosn (M.S.  2006)                        Speech-Language Pathology
Helene Alalouf (MA '72)                                Language, Literature, and Social Studies
David Balderston (Ed.D. 1970)                     Psychological Counseling
Christopher J. Campisano (Ed.D. 1988)       Comparative and International Education
William Cardenas (M.A.   2006)                   International Educational Development
Bindu Chawla (Ed.D. 2001)                          International Educational Development
Monica Christensen (Ed.D. 1997)                Higher and Postsecondary Education
Gina Coffaro (Ed.M. 1998)                           Education Leadership Studies
Kevin Hannan (M.A. 2003)                           Social-Organizational Psychology
Meryem Ibrahim (Ed.M. 2010)                      Psychological Counseling
Michael Ireland (Ed.D. 2012)                        Adult Learning and Leadership
Eleni E Liakaris (M.A. 2010)                         Gifted Education
Stephanie Markey (M.A. 2009)                     Curriculum and Teaching
Andre McKenzie (Ed.D. 1986)                      Higher and Postsecondary Education
Keeley Mitchell (M.A. 2001)                          Early Childhood Education, Special Education
Rohini Parikh (MA '05)                                  TESOL
Jeffrey Putman (Ed.D '12)                            Higher and Postsecondary Education
Otis Robinson (MA '08)                                Teaching Biology: 7-12
Nina Sutton (MA '06)                                    Psychology in Education
Ross Tartell (Ph.D '84)                                 Psychological Counseling 
Bernardo Tirado (M.A. 2000)                        Social-Organizational Psychology
William Tozzo (Ed.D. 2011)                           Mathematics Education
Ilona Vinklerova (M.A. 2007)                         International Educational Development
Dana Wilber (Ed.D. 2006)                             Communication and Education
Laurie Yankowitz (Ed.D. 2010)                      Intellectual Disability/Autism

Pre-registration is closed; however, walk-in registrations are welcome.

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