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Professorships and other Faculty Endowment

Along with recruiting the best students, TC must be able to recruit and support the most innovative faculty and provide them with the resources to be exceptional scholars, citizens and teachers. In particular, we need to develop resources for our junior faculty.

Named fund Minimum gift
Senior Professorship/Chair $ 5 million

Associate/Assistant Professorship (tenure track)

$ 3 million
Provost Investment Fund
Provides multiple $20,000 awards for innovative pilot projects.
$ 1 to 1.5 million
Early Career Award/Faculty Research Fund
Supports pre-tenure and tenured faculty research.
$ 1 million
Provost Postdoctoral Research Fellowship $ 1.3 million
Early Career Summer Sabbatical $ 250,000

Restricted Gifts Scholarships and Fellowships

Named fund Minimum gift
Masters scholarship $ 10,000/year for 3 years

Doctoral scholarship

$ 10,000/year for 5 years
Post doctoral fellowship $ 65,000/year
Doctoral Student Dissertation Fellowship
Supports students while they complete their doctoral dissertation.
$ 250,000
Student Professional Development Award
Supports students who are presenting papers at professional conferences.
$ 100,000

Partnerships Schools
Gifts to the Partnerships Schools Consortium support TC’s efforts to improve educational outcomes across Harlem.

Named fund Minimum gift
Partnerships Schools Coordinator $300,000 over 3 year

Professional development services

$ 50,000/ year

Teachers College Community School (TCCS)

- TCCS full support services program
- Clinical social worker
- Community coordinator
- Counseling and social work supervisors 
- CU medical, dental, public health screening 
- Summer programs
- Parent/family education programs  

$ 300,000/ year
$ 100,000/ year
$ 25,000/ year
$ 25,000/ year
$ 25,000/ year
$ 50,000/ year
$ 25,000/ year
Research and assessment
$ 150,000/year
Curriculum enrichment $ 50,000/year
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In Their Words - Faculty

  • Thomas Bailey

    Thomas bailey
    “If you are interested in educational equity, community colleges should be central to your agenda.” —Thomas Bailey, the George and Abby O’Neill Professor of Economics and Education and Director of the Community College Research Center

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