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Macy Art Gallery

Macy gallery

The Macy Gallery is part of the Art and Art Education program of the Department of Arts and Humanities at Teachers College, Columbia University.

The Gallery exhibits artworks by national and international artists, graduate students and faculty members, as well as the finest examples of children's works.

The mission of this academic Gallery is to present a wide range of exhibitions from around the world reflecting the commitment of Teachers College to cultural diversity in education and the arts.

The Gallery is located on the fourth floor of Macy Hall at 525 West 120th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenues. The Gallery contains 1,377 square feet of floor space and 1,633 square feet of wall space. It is open Monday through Friday 11:00 AM until 6:00 PM, and by appointment. Special arrangements can be made for groups to visit the Gallery and participate in our ongoing Artists' Talks and Lectures (Website: Macy Art Gallery)


Spirit is an improvisational arts ensemble, performing and improvising the music of all periods, styles and composers. The focus on improvisation emanates from a belief that the performer of composed music develops heightened musical understanding and insight when offered an opportunity to emulate the compositional process through improvisation. Spirit, therefore, performs and improvises on the great contemporary works.

Open public rehearsals are offered once each month at which the audience is invited to dialogue with the performers. Through performance, composition and improvisation, Spirit draws its inspiration from the mission of the Music and Music Education Department which "embraces humanistic values as they relate to contemporary musical and educational life while respecting the musical traditions of the past". (Website: Spirit In-Residence Ensemble)

Columbia Culture Map

The Columbia Culture Map is part of a University-wide collaborative project sponsored in part by the Program in Arts Administration within Teachers College. Now in its 18th edition, the map explores many of the historical and cultural landmarks around the University. An audio tour is also available for download to accompany the map.  (Website: Columbia Culture Map)