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Flex Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  What is Flex?
A Columbia University Program which is available to all members of the Columbia University community.  Flex is a dollar-for-dollar taxable account accessed through your TC ID card (University Card).

2.  Who can use it?
All enrolled students, faculty and staff at Teachers College, Columbia University and Barnard College.

3.  Where can I use Flex?
Flex can be used at all TC and CU on campus dining locations as well as the University Bookstore, library photocopy machines and many off campus venues.

4.  When does it expire?
Your flex account rolls over from year-to-year, but expires upon graduation or end of employment.

5.  What happens if I lose my TC ID (University Card)?
If you lose your TC ID, please go to Card Services, Whittier Hall 1B, immediately to deactivate your card.  A new card will be generated; and you will need to pay for the replacement. Please be aware that you remain responsible for card usage prior to deactivation.