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Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  What is TC DOLLAR$?
TC DOLLAR$ is a dollar for dollar, tax-free declining balance account accessed through your TC ID card (University Card).

2.  Where can I use TC DOLLAR$?
TC DOLLARS$ can only be used to purchase food in the Grace Dodge Cafeteria and the Everett Library Cafe'

3.  Can I eat tax-free on CU's Campus?
Yes, as long as you have a separate account with Columbia.  These accounts can be set up at 125 Wallach Hall.

4.  Can you have both a Flex and a TC DOLLAR$ account?

Yes, if you are a student, TC DOLLAR$ can be used for any/all food purchased in Grace Dodge Cafeteria and Everett Library Cafe'

5.  Does the money rollover?

No, all funds must be used by August 31 of each year.   All funds in the account as of midnight on August 31 will be forfeited and all accounts begin with a zero balance on September 1 of each year.

6.  What happens if I lose my TC ID (University Card)?
If you lose your TC ID, please go to Card Services Whittier Hall 1B immediately to deactivate your card. A new card will be generated; and you will need to pay for the replacement.  Please be aware that you remain responsible for card usage prior to deactivation.