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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m starting in the Summer, when can I get my TC ID Card? 
Students who are enrolled for classes during the Summer  semester may stop by the office, Whittier 1b, to pick up their ID Card after May 1st.  All students must be registered for classes before picking up an ID Card.

I’m starting in the Fall, when can I get my TC ID Card?
Students who are enrolled for classes during the Fall  semester may stop by the office, Whittier Hall 1b,  to pick up their ID Card.   The earliest date the card can be picked up is July 30. Preprinted ID Cards will be distributed during New Student Experience days, but also may also be picked up during the ID Center's regular business hours.

Can the TC ID card be mailed? 
Unfortunately ID cards must be picked up in person, and you must have a government issued ID to pick up the card.

I don’t want to upload a picture how do I get my TC ID Card?
You may come to the office to take a picture.  We encourage everyone to upload a photo in advance so that the ID Card can be preprinted.

Where do I go to pick up my TC ID?
Whittier Hall 1b, 1230 Amsterdam Avenue.    

What are the office hours of Card Services?
During the Fall and Spring, the hours are 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday.  The summer business hours are 9am-5pm Monday - Thursday and 9am-3pm on Fridays.  Additionally, the office offers extended hours during Fall and Spring registration periods.

Using the Card Readers:
Once you place your card over the reader, one of two actions will occur: a flashing green light means access is granted, and a flashing red light means access was denied.

Library Borrowing Privileges:
By default, all employees and students of Teachers College, Columbia, Barnard, and Union Theological Seminary have borrowing privileges at the various libraries. However, each library may also have restrictions. Alumni and visitors should check with the appropriate library for requirements for usage. 

How do I best take care of my TC ID Card?
Under normal conditions, your TC ID Card should last until its expiration date. To ensure the durability and validity of the Card:
Keep it in a safe carrying case (such as a wallet or card holder)
 Keep it away from magnets and computers to avoid magnetic damage
 Do not punch holes in your card
Do not tamper with the information or picture printed on the card
Do not wash the card
 Do not use the card for any purpose it was not designed for 

What buildings does my card provide me access?
TC Residence Halls - With the exception of the main entrance of Whittier Hall, all of TC residence hails are only accessible to students who live in the residence halls and their family members who live with them. The main entrance to Whittier Hall is accessible to all members of the TC Community when the College is open. 

TC Academic Buildings - There are card readers located throughout the College. Primarily, your University ID Card provides you access to the Whittier Hail Main entrance, Zankel Front Desk, Zankel Chapel Entrance/Exit, Thompson Entrance/Exit and the Grace Dodge Entrance from 121st Street. If there is a reader for which you need access, please contact us at  

Columbia University - Members of the TC community have access to the Lener Hall. Enrolled students have access to DFC. TC employees, alumni, and family members of students and employees may purchase membership to have access to the DFC. All other request for access to CU buildings should be directed to CU Public Safety, or 212-854-8500.