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The University Card

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The University Card

About the University ID Card

The University ID Card is your passport  to Teachers College and Columbia University.  It grants you access to the libraries and other buildings as appropriate, and borrowing privleges at the libraries, allows you to purchase services at various locations through Columbia University Flex Program, accepted flex locationsand enables students to take advantages of various cultural discount programs in New York City. TC students can use their University Card to participate in TC DOLLAR$, which enables you to tax free dining at TC. 

While each institution has its on card, you will only need one card throughout the Columbia community as one card can have multiple affiliations listed on the back of the card.  The card face type is dependent on a predetermined hierarchy.  The front of the card will also have an expiration date.  Prior to the expiration date, cardholders are encouraged to visit the appropriate ID Card Office for a replacement.

On the back of the card, cardholders will see the various affiliations he/she has as well as a Unique Card Number (UCN).  The UCN is only used to link the “active” card to an individual.