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Congratulations 2015 Graduates!!

Did you know that as an alumnus, you can continue to utilize Career Services?  To review a list of services offered, click here

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Welcome to Career Services

Teachers College Career Services (TCCS) is committed to guiding all TC students and alumni throughout the different phases of the career development process. Whether you are entering a new field, advancing within your current profession, or changing directions, we will help you identify and develop the skills and resources needed to achieve your career goals.

TCCS Employer Relations:

The employers connect to highly talented TC students and alumni in the fields of education, psychology, health and international educational development. Our employer relations staff can maximize your recruitment efforts by understanding your immediate and future hiring needs and developing targeted recruitment strategies.  It is the educated way to go!  We welcome your partnership and long term interest in our students and alumni.  Upon hiring from TC, please share with us your hire information by clicking here.

Services Offered

TCCS can assist you with your career development throughout the duration of your time at Teachers College and when you become an alumnus.  Start you career development  journey today.  Schedule an hour long career counseling appointment to help you make informed decisions about your career goals: take an assessment test, learn job search tips, and schedule a mock session for interview preparation.   Have your resume, cover letter, and curriculum vita (CV) reviewed electronically or come in for a 15 minute walk-in.

Join the Alumni/Student LinkedIn Networking Group

Teachers College Career Services (TCCS), Columbia University LinkedIn Group
Connect with TC alumni and fellow students, exchange information, ideas and opportunities with others in your field, and learn about upcoming TCCS programs & events.

ATTENTION: This group now serves as the new TCCS Alumni Mentor Program.  The former Alumni Mentor Program housed in TCCS LINK is no longer accessible.  The transition to this group will significantly enhance your overall networking opportunities!  Click here for more information on joining this group!

TCCS Programs & Events

Throughout the fall and spring semester, attend a workshop to learn how to write a resume and to negotiate your salary. Attend an employer information session to learn more about an organization you are interested in pursuing. Come to a panel to hear from TC Alumni who are teachers working outside of the classroom or who have advanced their education by getting a doctorate degree.
Learn more

NACE Job Choices Magazine now in digital format on the TCCS Website

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) connects campus recruiting and career services professionals, and provides best practices, trends, research, professional development, and conferences. NACE Job Choices Magazines are now available in digital format. Magazines feature job-search advice and interview tips, sample cover letters and resumes, links to employer websites, and more! To view, go to the Resources Section on the TCCS Website and click on Publications.


The web’s more complete resource for career management and job search information
Access to complete Insider Guide library and the inside scoop on more than 1,000 companies, careers, and industries, along with videos and tips.
Going Global - Leading provider of career and employment resources for evaluating, selecting, and transitioning into a successful career in a foreign country.
Employers > TCCS LINK Self Register and Post Your Job Instructions

TCCS LINK Self Register and Post Your Job Instructions

  1. Start your registration to TCCS LINK by clicking here.


  2. In the Find Your Organization search field, begin typing the name of your organization.
    As you type the system will search for your words and show you a list of matching organizations.
      • If your organization is list listed multiple times, select the first one to see if your address matches. If it does not, go back and select additional names until you find your profile.
      • If your organization's name can typically be referenced in different ways please try searching all of them before determining that your organization is not in the list (i.e. UPS and United Parcel Service).
  3. If your organizations name is on the list, select the box by the company name and click Continue>>.

    If you are not able to find your organization, click the Can't Find Your Organization? button. Complete the Employer Information and Contact Information sections then click Register.


  4. Post Your Job.
    1. Go to My Job Listings>New Jobs, following instructions, enter the job information.
    2. Enter job information. Fields with an * are required information. Fill out as much information as possible to make the job posting complete. In the field, “Application Instructions,” enter the procedure in which a potential applicant may apply for this position.

      *Under the Posting Information section, there are two fields that you need to review.
      • Show Contact Information, if you select No, your contact information will not be available to potential applicants.
      • Allow Students to Apply Online, if you select Yes, students can submit their resume to you via this system (i.e., you will receive email notification of students’ job application and be able to view resumes on-line).
    3. Click Save and the job will be submitted for approval.
    4. Your job will be approved in one to two business days. After approval, you will be able to view applicants.
TCCS offers TCCS LINK access as a service to employers at no charge.
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