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Congratulations 2015 Graduates!!

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Welcome to Career Services

Teachers College Career Services (TCCS) is committed to guiding all TC students and alumni throughout the different phases of the career development process. Whether you are entering a new field, advancing within your current profession, or changing directions, we will help you identify and develop the skills and resources needed to achieve your career goals.

TCCS Employer Relations:

The employers connect to highly talented TC students and alumni in the fields of education, psychology, health and international educational development. Our employer relations staff can maximize your recruitment efforts by understanding your immediate and future hiring needs and developing targeted recruitment strategies.  It is the educated way to go!  We welcome your partnership and long term interest in our students and alumni.  Upon hiring from TC, please share with us your hire information by clicking here.

Services Offered

TCCS can assist you with your career development throughout the duration of your time at Teachers College and when you become an alumnus.  Start you career development  journey today.  Schedule an hour long career counseling appointment to help you make informed decisions about your career goals: take an assessment test, learn job search tips, and schedule a mock session for interview preparation.   Have your resume, cover letter, and curriculum vita (CV) reviewed electronically or come in for a 15 minute walk-in.

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TCCS Programs & Events

Throughout the fall and spring semester, attend a workshop to learn how to write a resume and to negotiate your salary. Attend an employer information session to learn more about an organization you are interested in pursuing. Come to a panel to hear from TC Alumni who are teachers working outside of the classroom or who have advanced their education by getting a doctorate degree.
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NACE Job Choices Magazine now in digital format on the TCCS Website

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) connects campus recruiting and career services professionals, and provides best practices, trends, research, professional development, and conferences. NACE Job Choices Magazines are now available in digital format. Magazines feature job-search advice and interview tips, sample cover letters and resumes, links to employer websites, and more! To view, go to the Resources Section on the TCCS Website and click on Publications.


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Going Global - Leading provider of career and employment resources for evaluating, selecting, and transitioning into a successful career in a foreign country.
Resources_Tips and Samples > Skills Identification Worksheet

Skills Identification Worksheet

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Every facet of career selection, career development, and job search success revolves around your ability to identify, analyze, and prioritize your skills. Yet fewer than two job seekers in ten can actually answer the most important question you will ever ask of yourself and which every interviewer will ask of you: What are your most market­able and usable skills? In other words, why should the employer hire you? What do you have that an employer wants?  What special skills and abilities do you possess that an employer would pay good money to use? 

Ask Yourself That Question.

On the next page there is a list of skills that may pertain to you.  Circle the skills that best describe your abilities and then list your top 25 below.  (Please note – the attached list is not the only skills that you may have.  Feel free to incorporate you own on this list as well).  Try completing this exercise more than once, each time in relation to different types of employers or work situations, to see if the top skills you identify differ depending on what you know about employer need.  Being able to identify your top skills and strengths in relation to employer need is the essence of the resume and interview process. 



























List of Marketable Skills

1.     Abstract or conceptualize ideas

55.   Act as liaison or go-between

2.     Adapt to changing situations and needs

56.   Address or talk to groups

3.     Adjust, arrange, or adapt information

57.   Administer projects or events

4.     Advise people

58.   Allocate, disperse, or give away resources

5.     Analyze information or data 

59.   Anticipate problems and unusual situations

6.     Appraise or evaluate work or services

60.   Arbitrate or solve problems between people

7.     Arrange or organize social gatherings

61.   Assemble or collect data or information

8.     Assess or analyze data or information

62.   Assess or analyze people

9.     Assign/delegate duties and/or responsibilities

63.   Attend or pay attention to detail

10.   Balance schedules, duties, and tasks

64.   Be innovative, come up with new ideas

11.   Budget money

65.   Budget time or resources

12.   Calculate or compute numbers

66.   Chair or oversee meetings

13.   Chart or graph information

67.   Check information for accuracy

14.   Check materials or products for quality/quantity

68.   Classify information, data, or objects

15.   Collaborate or work with others on a project

69.   Collect information

16.   Communicate data or information

70.   Communicate warmth and care

17.   Compare objects

71.   Compile or collect information

18.   Complete projects or tasks on schedule

72.   Compose articles, reports, or other documents

19.   Confer or talk with others to make decisions

73.   Confront others

20.   Consult with others

74.   Control crisis situations

21.   Cooperate with others

75.   Cope with deadlines and time pressure

22.   Cope with difficulties, solve problems

76.   Count, inventory, keep track

23.   Create things from your own ideas

77.   Critique or review products and services

24.   Define how things are to be done

78.   Demonstrate how to do things

25.   Detect problems or errors

79.   Develop ideas or prototypes

26.   Develop rapport

80.   Draw charts, pictures, or graphics

27.   Edit written material

81.   Empathize with people's situations

28.   Empower others

82.   Enforce rules and regulations

29.   Establish policy or procedures

83.   Examine for detail

30.   Exercise diplomac

84.   Exercise discretion

31.   Exhibit or demonstrate products, ideas

85.   Financial planning

32.   Find things or information

86.   Follow directions

33.   Follow through on tasks

87.   Forecast what will happen

34.   Gather data or information

88.   Graphically illustrate

35.   Handle complaints         

89.   Handle emergencies       

36.   Handle multiple tasks simultaneously

90.   Hire and fire people

37.   Host events

91.   Identify and seize on opportunities

38.   Identify problems

92.   Identify resources

39.   Implement decisions, plans, or ideas

93.   Influence, persuade, or convince others

40.   Inform or give out information to others

94.   Instruct or train people

41.   Keep secrets or confidential information

95.   Keep or track details or information

42.   Learn quickly

96.   Manage money

43.   Manage time

97.   Mathematics

44.   Memorize large amounts of information

98.   Mentor others

45.   Motivate others to do better work

99.   Persuade or convince people

46.   Predict outcomes

100.  Prepare or make things ready

47.   Present information, products, ideas

101.  Program computers

48.   Promote ideas, products, or people

102.  Proofread

49.   Reach or achieve goals

103.  Represent people, organizations, or employers

50.   Set goals and objectives

104.  Take initiative

51.   Take instructions

105.  Think ahead

52.   Tolerate interruptions, inconveniences

106.  Tolerate routine or boring tasks

53.   Train, instruct, or teach

107.  Type, use keyboard

54.   Write creative fiction, nonfiction

108.  Write proposals and/ technical materials

Adapted from the Wizard of Work, R. Gaither

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