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Clinical Psychology
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Clinical Psychology
In the Counseling and Clinical Psychology Department

GSJP > GSJP, Volume 11 (2009)

GSJP, Volume 11 (2009)

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GSJP, Volume 11 (2009)


Cover Page
Letter from the Editors
Brian Sherman and Anitha Venkataramani-Kothari
The Physiology of Psychotherapy: Past, Present, and Future
John Thomas Huber II, University of Detroit Mercy
Obsessive Compulsive Related Disorders: A New Classification for the DSM-V
Lauren M. Mancusi, Teachers College, Columbia University
The Effects of Counselor Smiling on Perceivers
Tyler Duffield, Colorado State University
Neuroscience and Law: The Evidentiary Value of Brain Imaging
Noel Shafi, Teachers College, Columbia University
Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Prevention of Depression Relapse- A Useful Approach for Depressed Patients with Cardiovascular Disease?
Traci R. Stein, Columbia University Medical Center

The Role of Self Views in College Adjustment
Alanna Joy Raines,, Teachers College, Columbia University and Gary Lewandowski,Monmouth University
HIV/AIDS-related Ethical Dilemma of Confidentiality
Cristnei Aquino, Martha J. Secker, and NicoleJoAnne Wood, American School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University/Schaumburg
Navigating the "Unhappy Constellation" of Dissociative Identity Disorder, Infant Trauma, and Type D Attachment 
Cameron Kiely-Froude and Rebecca Fuller, The Catholic University of America
Effects of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy on the Victim
Kimberly Glazier, Teachers College, Columbia University