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Spirituality Mind Body Summer Intensive
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Spirituality Mind Body Summer Intensive
In the Counseling and Clinical Psychology Department

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Spirituality Mind Body Institute

Spirituality Mind Body Institute (SMBI)
The Spirituality Mind Body Institute supports training and research for the development of psychotherapists, healers, scholars and activitists. Graduate students build knowledge of research supporting spiritual and mind body practices as well as hands on clinical training. Research within the Institute examines the direct effects of spirituality on thriving in youth, to include investigation at multiple levels of analyses (clinical, MRI, genotyping) on spirituality as protective against mental illness and as a source of resilience in building respectful relationships and personal meaning and purpose. Generous funding for the Spirituality Mind Body Institute comes from corporate and family foundations.

SMBI's Summer Intensive
Situated within the Spirituality Mind Body Institute, the Summer Intensive Master's Degree is a natural outgrowth of the research, theory, and practice developed over the years within the Clinical Psychology Program at Teachers College, Columbia University.  

The SMBI Summer Intensive Master's Degree has a unique delivery model, in that it is for a select cohort of students who will take classes together for its duration.  The structure consists of three residential weeks for two consecutive summers, with coursework done at a distance in between.  To best serve the content of the material being offered and for a deeper level of attainment, the program is a combination of experiential spirituality mind body practices and theory.

SMBI's Summer Intensive invites all adults with a gravitational pull or inner tug towards the field of spirituality mind body to apply to our program.  Although not exclusively, the summer intensive is geared towards mid-career professionals because it allows for professionals to continue working while obtaining a master's degree.  For more information see the course curriculum.

About SMBI Summer Immersion