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Continuing Professional Studies
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Continuing Professional Studies

Putting your purpose into practice.

The Columbia Environmental Education at a Distance Programs (CEED)

The Columbia Environmental Education at a Distance (CEED) program offers an innovative set of online courses to qualified middle school teachers who are in need of state-mandated continuing education and/or looking for quality professional development.

This set of online courses provides teachers and educators with opportunities to deeply understand and practice student-centered, inquiry-based techniques, while learning to develop and implement project-based units focused around topics in local ecology, and integrated across subjects.

  • Participants will have access to examples of successful units--including specific activities, resources and worksheets--that you may modify or use as models as you create your own unit for use in your classroom.
  • Through readings, online content presentation, mutual peer feedback, hands-on activities and guided planning sessions, you will learn about the benefits and challenges of the IEC approach and gain practice to ensure its success.
  • You will be coached by experienced teachers in specific techniques and methods; and you will learn to recognize and develop activities and materials that build higher cognitive skills, increase student motivation and participation, and increase intellectual curiosity and independence.
  • Practical guidance will be provided via online examples and models; with expert facilitators leading weekly "real time" planning sessions, to support you as you create the fully implementable unit that will serve as your final assessment for the course.
  • Aligns with the LS1 and Crosscutting themes of the NRC Next Generation Science Standards.

For more information please call 212-851-1788 or email .