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Teachers College, Columbia University
Teachers College
Columbia University

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11/13/2006 ~ 11/14/2006 at  Teachers College, Columbia University

Symposium Papers by Session

Opening Remarks

Session 1: History of Standards Based Reform

  •    Our Children's Burden: A History of Federal Education Policies that Ask (now require) Our Public Schools to Solve Social Inequality
  • Session 2: Narrowing the Achievement Gap

  •    Closing the Achievement Gap and Students with Disabilities: The New Meaning of a “Free and Appropriate Public Education”
  •    Educational Policy in the United States for Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students: Foundation or Barrier
  •    The Challenge and Opportunity of African American Educational Achievement in the United States
  • Session 3: Standards and Assessments

  •    Standards, Tests and NCLB; What Might Come Next
  • Equity Campaign Policy Perspectives

    Session 4: Progress and Outcomes

  •    Improving the Accountability Provisions of NCLB
  •    Improving the Accountability Provisions of NCLB
  •    'Proficiency for All' – An Oxymoron
  • Session 5: Highly Qualified Teachers

  •    A Federal Foray Into Teacher Certification: Assessing the "Highly Qualified Teacher" Provision of NCLB
  •    No Child Left Behind and the ‘Highly Qualified’ Teacher: The Promise and the Possibilities
  • Session 6: Improving Instructional Capacity

  •    The Problem of Capacity in the (Re)Design of Educational Accountability Systems
  • Practitioner Reaction Panel

    Closing Keynote Adress

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