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Teachers College, Columbia University
Teachers College
Columbia University

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11/13/2006 ~ 11/14/2006 at  Teachers College, Columbia University

Susanna Loeb

Economics of Education at Stanford University School of Education

Presentation Topic:

  • A Federal Foray Into Teacher Certification: Assessing the "Highly Qualified Teacher" Provision of NCLB [Summary to be posted soon]

Dr. Susanna Loeb is an associate professor of education at Stanford University, specializing in the economics of education and the relationship between schools and federal, state and local policies.    She is also an associate professor of business (by courtesy) at Stanford and a faculty research fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research.  Dr. Loeb studies resource allocation, looking specifically at how teachers'' preferences and teacher preparation policies affect the distribution of teaching quality across schools and how the structure of state finance systems affects the level and distribution of funds to districts.  She also studies poverty policies including welfare reform and early-childhood education programs.
Dr. Loeb’s recent papers include "Estimating the Effects of School Finance Reform: A Framework for a Federalist System," in the Journal of Public Economics; "Examining The Link Between Teacher Wages and Student Outcomes: The Importance of Alternative Labor Market Opportunities and Non-Pecuniary Variation," with Marianne Page, in the Review of Economics and Statistics; and "Explaining the Short Careers of High-Achieving Teachers in Schools with Low-Performing Students," and "The Draw of Home: How Teachers'' Preferences for Proximity Disadvantage Urban Schools," with Donald Boyd, Hamilton Lankford and James Wyckoff in the American Economic Review and the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, respectively.

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