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Teachers College, Columbia University
Teachers College
Columbia University
The Campaign for Educational Equity: Symposium 2008

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11/17/2008 ~ 11/18/2008 at  Cowin Center, Teachers College

Chuck Basch

Richard March Hoe Professor of Health Education Teachers College
Columbia University

Presentation Topic:

  • A Research Roundtable [Summary to be posted soon]

Charles Basch is the Richard March Hoe Professor of Education at Teacher College. He specializes in planning and evaluating health education programs for urban minority populations to reduce health and educational disparities. His work has been diverse with respect to population groups (ranging from young children to older adults), disease topics (AIDS, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and eye disease), and behaviors (vision, diet, physical activity, and screening), but has a common theme of translating research into practice. The health education programs he has developed and evaluated are philosophically grounded in informed voluntary decision making and rely heavily on building strong interpersonal relationships. His evaluative research has been collaboratively conducted with self-insured unions, hospitals, community-based clinics, and schools.

Basch’s main scholarly interests are improving understanding about (1) health-related decision making (2) dissemination and implementation of effective health-related programs and policies and (3) the influence of health factors on educational outcomes in urban minority youth. He teaches courses related to epidemiology, planning and evaluation. During his past 25 years at Teachers College, he has directed approximately $12 million dollars of grant-funded research and program development (primarily supported by the National Institutes of Health) and he continues to do so. His work has yielded over 100 publications. He was the founding Chair of the Department of Health and Behavior Studies and served the College in that role from 1996-2007.

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