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Teachers College, Columbia University
Teachers College
Columbia University
The Campaign for Educational Equity: Symposium 2008

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11/17/2008 ~ 11/18/2008 at  Cowin Center, Teachers College

Tony Blair

former Prime Minister of England

Presentation Topic:

  • Video Introduction [Summary to be posted soon]

Tony Blair served as Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from May 1997 to June 2007. He was also the leader of Britain''s Labour Party (1994 to 2007) and the Member of Parliament for Sedgefield, England (1983 to 2007). Mr Blair continues to be active in public life. He has many interests, not least his current role in the Middle East. He is working for the USA, UN, Russia and EU as the Quartet Representative, helping the Palestinians to prepare for statehood as part of the international community''s effort to secure peace. In addition he will continue to be an advocate on the issues he cares about such as Africa and climate change.

During his ten years as Prime Minister, Mr Blair transformed Britain''s public services through a program of investment and reform in schools and hospitals, resulting in more children achieving better school results and more people receiving faster access to health care, with improved survival rates for cancer and coronary heart disease.

Mr. Blair has always been a strong advocate of a values-based, activist and multilateralist foreign policy - an agenda that combined tackling terrorism and intervention in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Sierra Leone, with action on issues like climate change, global poverty, Africa and the Middle East Peace Process. Tony Blair is also widely credited for his contribution towards assisting the Northern Ireland Peace Process by helping jointly to negotiate the Good Friday Agreement and deliver a power-sharing government.