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Project to Understand Reactions to Loss

Our NIMH research on bereavement attempts to understand the different patterns of outcomes people experience in response to loss.

Research Study

Are there any risks to participating in this study?

Some questions that we ask may be difficult or painful to talk about. However, some of the bereaved people who have participated in our studies have said that they found the experience rewarding. We can't guarantee that everyone will have that experience, and we must stress that our study cannot be considered a form of therapy.

The computer tasks are relatively simple. However, some of these tasks involve graphic images that might elicit strong emotional reactions. However, we emphasize throughout these sessions that our participants may halt the session or discontinue their participation in our study at any point.

The electrophysical recordings we collect using the neural net may at times be tedious and may induce some minor discomfort. We take great efforts to insure that our participants are as safe and comfortable as possible. However, again, we emphasize that participants may halt any procedure or withdraw from the study at any point. 

When a bereaved person expresses interest in our study, we provide a formal consent document that describes any risks or potential benefits in greater detail