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Marginalization, Mental Health, and Empowerment Lab
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Ongoing Projects > Activism and Social Justice

Ongoing Projects

Activism and Social Justice

An Examination of Relationship Between Epistemological Styles and Multicultural Counseling

Racial-cultural attitudes affect diagnostic impressions in applied mental health settings, and therapists must frequently assess their own biases and culture-bound beliefs in order to provide effective mental health services (Gushue, 2004). The present study attempts to better understand how racial-cultural attitudes that have received much attention in recent years (color-blind attitudes and multicultural competencies) might be influenced by an individual's way of acquiring and validating knowledge (epistemological styles). This will involve (1) measuring the color-blind and multicultural competency attitudes of mental health professionals and (2) comparing their epistemological styles.

Womanist Men

Historically, men and particularly men of color have voiced mixed feelings identifying as feminists/womanists and our project hopes to further elaborate on this dilemma (Adu-Poku, 2001; Lemons, 1997). This is a small exploratory endeavor that is hoping to illuminate some perspectives on womanism and feminism among prominent Counseling Psychologists.

Information to come...!

Grindr from a Minority Stress Perspective