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George Clement Bond Center for African Education
Teachers College, Columbia University
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George Clement Bond Center for African Education

Coursework in African(a) Education > Columbia-wide Courses Spring 2011

Columbia-wide Courses Spring 2011

Note: If planning on taking classes outside of TC, students must first speak with adviser and registrar to get necessary documents and permission by TC and the school/instructor which offers course(s)***

School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA)


INAF U6080y Energy Industry in the Middle East and Africa 3 pts.

Course Number INAF 6080

Call#/Section 67297 001

F 10:00a - 11:50a

418 International Affairs Bldg

Instructor: A. Shrier

This course will examine the energy business in oil and gas-exporting countries of the Middle East and Africa, which will assume an increasingly important role in the international energy business during the coming decades. Not only do Middle East and African producers account for a vast share of global energy resources and a high percentage of oil and gas trade flows, but they are becoming major, fast-rising consumers in their own right. In general, managing economic development in these countries will present a major challenge to their governments. Nowhere is this more so than in the energy sector, where policy issues facing the governments include, inter al., the nature and extent of foreign direct investment and the appropriate role of foreign companies. Lectures will draw on first-hand experience of the instructors and published materials, and students will make presentations and participate in case study discussions.



School of General Studies

Hausa (second semester)
Haus 1102
Section #: 63605 001
MW 12p - 1p
Instructor: G. Lamon
Th 10a - 12p
Instructor: G. Lamon

Swahili (second semester)
SWHL 1102
Section #: 95947 001
MW 6:10p - 8p
253 International Affairs Bldg
Instructor: J. Clayton
SWHL 1102
Section #: 96697 002
T/Th 6:10p - 8p
253 International Affairs Bldg
Instructor: J. Clayton