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The Cahn Fellows Program

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Anahid Modrek

Anahid Modrek comes from a multicultural family stemming from Armenia. She grew up in Los Angeles, California, and later lived in the bay area before moving to New York City. As an undergraduate at UC Berkeley, she received her Bachelors degrees in both Psychology and Public Policy where she intertwined the study of human development from a micro intrapersonal perspective in psychology, as well as a macro organization perspective through the study of policy, at the Richard and Rhoda Goldman School of Public Policy. Anahid has worked abroad in countries such as China and Armenia, with students of all ages.

Anahid is currently a PhD student in Developmental Psychology at Columbia University's Teachers College, and will be simultaneously be receiving a M.S. in Applied Statistics. Her research focus is on understanding what motivates students to learn, and why some students are more resilient learners than others; moreover, she wants to investigate how academic achievement can be advocated and applied as though a matter of equity. Modrek was selected as an Arthur Zankel Urban Research Fellow in 2012, and re-invited to repeat the fellowship in 2013. And since 2012, Modrek has been deemed a Luys Scholar by the Luys Foundation, a government organization based in Yerevan, Armenia.

Anahid has been a member of the Cahn Fellows Program team since April 2013.

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