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The Cahn Fellows Program

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Apply to be a Cahn Fellow Principal

Apply to be a Cahn Fellow Principal

Web applications require that the following items be submitted:
  • Basic Application
  • Two Letters of Recommendation — Two letters of recommendation (an email request will be sent to your recommenders).
  • Resume
  • Two most recent school Quality Reviews — These can be submitted by uploading the PDF files provided to you upon the conclusion of your reviews.
  • Two most recent Progress Reports — This can be submitted by uploading the PDF file provided to you.
  • Two most recent CAPA, CEL or Cambridge Reports* — *Newark Applicants, this can be submitted by uploading the PDF file provided to you.
  • Response to essay question (400-500 words)

Once you've started an application you can save it and login with your email address and password to resume the application any time.

** The Program will not consider applicants with open allegations and/or those under investigation. To expedite the completion of an investigation contact Bob Reich, Director of Grievances at the CSA, at  or (718) 852-3000, ext. 1023**

Should you have any questions, please call (212) 678-8204 or (212) 678-8203 or email For more information about the program, visit us online at

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If you're having trouble with your application at any time, please contact us to request help.

At this time, you can complete your application by following the instructions that have been emailed to you. Thank you.

On Leadership

'Good leaders are passionate about their work. Through their styles differ, there are many common elements - strong beliefs, integrity, good people skills, thirst for knowledge, and willingness to learn. High energy helps too!' --Cahn Fellow Principal

'Leadership is not so much about the duties you perform as it is about the people you serve.' --Cahn Fellow Principal