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The Cahn Fellows Program

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 2009 Cahn Ally Cora Sichenze Takes the Helm of P.S.102           

After  28 years of serving The Bayview School in Brooklyn, 15 years as a teacher, three years as a Reading Recovery Specialist and 10 years as Assistant Principal, 2009 Cahn Ally Cora Sichenze has been named principal.  2009 Cahn Fellow Theresa Dovi retired from the school last summer, and Sichenze assumed her new leadership role in the fall.

   Nigel Pugh Named Richard R. Green High School Principal

2006 Cahn Fellow Nigel Pugh has returned to the principalship after five years of service as DOE Deputy Cluster Leader and as Director of Professional Leadership for the Division of Students with Disabilities and English Language Learners.  Nigel was the founding principal of the Queens High School for Teaching for five years, and currently teaches at the Bank Street Principals’ Institute.                                                                         
2006 Cahn Ally Patricia Minaya Now Leads Urban Assembly School

Coincedentally in his new school, Pugh will be reunited with one of his former assistant principals from Queens High School.  Green High  School is co-located in an historic building with two other schools.  Patricia Minaya, Pugh's 2006 Cahn Ally, is now principal of the Urban Assembly School of Business for Young Women.             

On Leadership

'Good leaders are passionate about their work. Through their styles differ, there are many common elements - strong beliefs, integrity, good people skills, thirst for knowledge, and willingness to learn. High energy helps too!' --Cahn Fellow Principal

'Leadership is not so much about the duties you perform as it is about the people you serve.' --Cahn Fellow Principal