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The Cahn Fellows Program

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The 2008 Cahn Fellows

Lottie Almonte
Performing Arts & Technology High School
Cheryl Ault
PS 81, Thaddeus Stevens

John Barnes
MS 331
Arlene Bartlett
PS 176, The Cambria Heights School

Jill Bloomberg
The Secondary School for Research
Virginia Connelly
IS 123, James M. Kieran

Donna Finn
Frank Sinatra School of the Arts
Willena George
PS 290, Juan Morel Campos

Lisa Gioe
MS 447, Math and Science Exploratory School
Carleton Gordan
IS 59

Constance Hahn
PS 108, Sal Abbracciamento Landmark School
Joanne Hunt
Harbor Science and Arts Charter School

Tanya Lippold-John
High School for Violin and Dance
Nick Marinacci
MS 323, Bronx Writing Academy

Eloise Messineo
Louis D. Brandeis High School
Miriam Pedraja
PS/IS 311, Amistad Dual Language School

Robert Rhodes
Millennium High School
Margaret Russo
PS 160, William T. Sampson

Buffie Simmons-Peart
IS 211, John Wilson
Wanda Soto
PS 5, Ellen Lurie School

Fred Walsh
The School for International Studies
James Waslawski
PS/MS 279, The Captain Manuel Rivera Jr. School