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The Cahn Fellows Program

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The 2009 Cahn Fellows

Ysidro Abreu
MS 319, Maria Teresa Mirabal
Kenneth Baum
The Urban Assembly for Applied Math and Science

Yvette Beasley
Twin Parks Upper School
Mark Cannizzaro
IS 75R, Frank D. Paulo School

Margaret Choy-Shan
PS 164, Caesar Rodney School
Theresa Dovi
PS 102, The Bayview School

Rhonda Dawn Farkas
PS 152, Science and Technology
Paulette Glenn
PS 80Q, Thurgood Marshall Magnet

Alice Hom
PS 124, Yung Wing Elementary
Dale Kelly
IS 364K, Gateway Intermediate School

Jacqueline Mammolito
PS 48, William G. Wilcox School
Harris Marmor
  High School for Health Careers and Sciences

Darlene Miller
MS 414, New York City Museum School
Katherine Moloney
PS 100, The Coney Island School

Joseph Nobile
P.S. 304, The Early Childhood Lab School
Miriam Nightengale
03M492, HS for Law, Advocacy, and Community Justice

Elsa Nunez
PS 28M, The Wright Brothers School
Maria Teresa Nunziata
PS 130, The Parkside School

Brian O'Connell
The Scholars Academy
Mitchell Pinsky
PS 115, Daniel Mucatel School

Barbara Sanders
IS 383, Philippa Schuyler School for the Gifted and Talented
Camille Wallin
PS 42, Claremont Community School

Larry Woodbridge
Secondary School for Law