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The Cahn Fellows Program

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The Cahn Fellows Program is made possible by the generous support of: Chuck Cahn and Jane Gilbert, co-founders; Wachovia, the Board of Directors, the Cahn Alumni Network (CAN), the Kornfeld Foundation, Hertog Family Foundation, Strogin Family Foundation, Saltz Family Foundation, Adelson Family Foundation, and several generous individuals.

Our work is possible only through the generosity of people like you. Your contribution brings the promise of a quality educational opportunity to the lives of thousands of students in New York City and Newark and ensures that we can continue to celebrate and support the best educational leaders who share the commitment to educate all of public school students. Celebrate the successful leaders in our schools. Support strong leadership for every school. Ensure a quality education for every child. Please find out how you can help today and make the Cahn Fellows Program for Distinguished Principals your worthy cause.

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On Leadership

'Good leaders are passionate about their work. Through their styles differ, there are many common elements - strong beliefs, integrity, good people skills, thirst for knowledge, and willingness to learn. High energy helps too!' --Cahn Fellow Principal

'Leadership is not so much about the duties you perform as it is about the people you serve.' --Cahn Fellow Principal