Brooke Jackson

New York City Lab School for Collaborative Studies

Brooke Jackson, Principal of the New York City Lab School for Collaborative Studies since 2006,developed, along with her dynamic team of dedicated teachers, the mission to which her school aspires:"Inspired by the power of collaboration, the Lab School challenges students to soar intellectually and to act bravely in our complex world community". As school leader, Brooke positions herself and is regarded as an instructional leader. Columbia University's Teachers College awarded her the Outstanding Instructor Award for three consecutive years. She continues to practice her craft as a teacher.Lab students look forward to Brooke's rigorous Senior Honors Literature Seminar, reflective of Lab's continued commitment to honoring individual passions of students and teachers alike. Brooke's graduate work in English Education and School Leadership has focused on Social Emotional Learning and its essential place in Secondary Education. Indeed, the skills and principles of Social Emotional Learning provide for Lab School's ideological underpinnings and praxis. Brooke is the proud mother of Frida and Ty, age seven, who are happily engaged in first grade at two different and equally wonderful NewYork City Public Schools. Brooke lives in Inwood, NY with the twins and her husband Randy, a community organizer and activist.